There’s no end in sight to the worldwide interest in sustainable bio-based materials. Their role towards a global and sustainable bioeconomy is crucial. Integrating local bio-sourced products in concrete applications has specifically been a growing interest for the Canadian government and industry.

Water transport of logs is a cost-effective means of log transport where there is water access. This is done within booms, built using long logs, or “boomsticks”, chained together to hold log bundles within the boom during storage and transport.

Have you ever wondered how the amount of fuel used in your operations compares to others in your industry? Whether your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are reasonable, or if they could be better? With your help, FPInnovations can help you find the answers to these questions!

FPInnovations recently created a Digitalization team to better understand the problems and operational efficiencies faced by manufacturers in their mill environment and to properly equip them in order to effectively address these often common and recurring issues.

The list of FPInnovations’ most recent reports and publications has been updated to January 31, 2021. Now included in the collection: recorded webinars and presentations!

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