At the 30th Innovation Awards Gala of the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ), held on November 19, 2020, Resolute Forest Products, FPInnovations, and Performance BioFilaments won a Technology Partnership award for their commercial facility project specializing in the production of cellulose filaments.

Canada has a long tradition of building with wood. During recent years, the emergence of new engineered-wood products and changes to building codes have led to an innovative approach to constructing taller buildings that are both safe and cost-competitive, while also responding to increasing environmental concerns.

Montreal, Quebec – November 13, 2020 – Following the update on Québec’s economic and financial situation, FPInnovations’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stéphane Renou, applauds the commitment of Québec Finance Minister Eric Girard to support innovation for forestry businesses.

The list of FPInnovations’ most recent reports and publications has been updated to October 31, 2020. Now included in the collection: recorded webinars and presentations!

Maybe you think that nothing can ever beat the touch, look, and smell of books. Maybe you think e-readers and online newspapers are the future. Maybe you’re bit of both. The reality is, production of paper in its traditional sense is decreasing, and producers of printing and writing grades now feel the need to diversify their products.

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Let’s be clear: forests burn regardless of human presence. Ecological research has revealed there is a natural rhythm to the cycle of forest fires.

So, what to do when COVID-19 isn’t allowing you to visit the forest like you’ve planned?

In our global economy, where borders are rigid yet porous and goods flow freely between countries, it is increasingly difficult to prevent external threats or to contain internal ones.

The list of FPInnovations’ most recent reports and publications has been updated and is now available for the period ending August 31, 2020.

Montreal, September 16, 2020FPInnovations, a Canadian research centre, has successfully completed phase 1 in the development of biodegradable disposable face masks, and is ready to begin the second phase which is expected to lead to an entirely made-in-Canada biodegradable solution for face coverings.

Timber cruising, forest inventory, and other related data collection methods that help managing forest operations and logging activities are necessary but expensive, mainly because conventional ground methods are labor intensive.

Converting base tissue from parent reels has traditionally been the bottleneck of tissue production, but as tissue makers increasingly seek out softer tissue products and meet the increasing demand created by COVID-19, enhancing tissue converting efficiency is stepping into the forefront.

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