At Sustana Fiber, we promote and apply sustainable manufacturing and business practices to deliver premium, eco-friendly recycled fibers to customers across North America.

What are your current responsibilities at Cascades PRO®I manage day to day activities, as well as work with Sales, Innovation and other groups to identify possible product innovations or market opportunities. I also help prepare marketing plans and sales tools to help promote existing products and/or new product launches. 

Our industry will continue its positive development in the coming years, well above the annual growth rates of the EU. More than ever, packaging is needed to protect products and the environment, but also to sell the packaged products.

By giving economic value to forests, we can enhance our sustainability efforts as well as our business. That was Domtar CEO John D. Williams’ message at a New York University Stern School of Business event in March.

Giulia Fabbri, China Sales and Marketing Manager with Toscotec, recently spoke with Garth Towell, Chief Executive Officer of the Twinsaver Group, Anna Marie Viljoen, Product Supply Director and Tony Hulme, General Manager for Operations, about South Africa’s leading tissue producer, the Twinsaver Group, and the key to its success.

What does it mean to be the VP of Innovation and Marketing at Cascades? As the VP of Innovation and Marketing at Cascades I have the privilege of working with

President and CEO of CelluForce Inc. Sebastien Corbeil met with Paper Advance during PaperWeek 2016 to discuss his company's growing pains and return from what he refers to as the "valley of death."

While adaptability was integral to the company's return to success, after a disappointing start for its newly constructed plant, the company ran out of money in 2013 and was forced to seek and secure a partner. In conjunction with NCC, who became a shareholder in the company, CelluForce applied to STDC for funding and revamped its strategy to focus on six major applications (oil and gas, pulp and paper, adhesives, cement, paints and coatings and resins). Within approximately three years, the company hopes to be self-funding, and expects to commercialize several new applications this year.

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