UPM has today published its first Green Bond Report. The report provides details on the use of proceeds as well as the estimated impacts of the UPM´s EUR 750 million Green Bond issued in November 2020.  

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environment. And in e-commerce, their concerns turn around the type of packaging they receive. Is it the packaging not too big for the product ordered? Does it not contain unnecessary padding? What material is it made of?

All the wood used in UPM’s new biochemicals factory is 100% certified and regionally sourced. Utilising thinnings and industrial beechwood that is currently incinerated, along with side streams from sawmills, the facility contributes significantly to advancing the circular economy.

Building on the sustainability success of paper based packaging and recycling, the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) today released a new tool, The Design Guidance for Recyclability, a data-driven resource to aid packaging designers and brands in the design and manufacture of packaging to meet recyclability goals.  

WILDLIGHT, Fla. -- Mar. 1, 2021 -- Rayonier Inc. (NYSE:RYN) today released its first Carbon Report (https://www.rayonier.com/media/8328764/rayonier-carbon-report_issued-march-2021.pdf) detailing the positive net carbon impact generated by the Company’s forestry operations. In 2019, Rayonier’s timberland assets sequestered an estimated 5.7 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents from the atmosphere, net of carbon emitted through operations and carbon removed/transferred to customers through harvest activity.

The Canadian Paper and Paper-based Packaging industry is among the most sustainable industries in the world, but there are still significant gaps between public perceptions and actual fact when it comes to related environmental topics such as forestry, greenhouse gas emissions and recycling.

From our customers’ perspective, VTT’s new strategy offers a framework to achieve sustainable growth faster – by utilising the most innovative science and technology of our time. Seize the opportunity and be a part of the transition toward exponential hope.

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