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At Sustana Fiber, we promote and apply sustainable manufacturing and business practices to deliver premium, eco-friendly recycled fibers to customers across North America.

What are your current responsibilities at Cascades PRO®I manage day to day activities, as well as work with Sales, Innovation and other groups to identify possible product innovations or market opportunities. I also help prepare marketing plans and sales tools to help promote existing products and/or new product launches. 

Our industry will continue its positive development in the coming years, well above the annual growth rates of the EU. More than ever, packaging is needed to protect products and the environment, but also to sell the packaged products.

AMETEK Surface Vision has appointed Éric Charette-Béchamp as its Regional Sales Manager for Canada.

Roger Malaison is a published author, a former mayor of Kénogami (Quebec) and a European consultant to the paper industry.

Magnus Björkman has been appointed President of the Södra Cell business area. Magnus has been Acting President of the business area since 1 March 2019 and will remain a member of Group Senior Management and report to the President and CEO, Lars Idermark

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