Every aspect of our lives is becoming smarter and more intelligent with each passing year. Consumer expectations are growing sky high and industries across the domain are introducing smarter products and systems to provide a more personalized consumer experience.

Latest analysis shows Australia’s consumption of corrugated packaging paper lifted 3.3% to a new record 1.443 million tonnes in 2020-21.  Demand increased a total 45,000 tonnes, headlined by Kraftliner consumption which rose to an all time high of 555,000 tonnes.

The future of packaging has never looked so multi-faceted as environmentally conscious consumers continue to inspire a creative shift in our traditionally, conservative sector. But before we look at what’s to come, let’s first acknowledge the seismic changes and lasting impact that the pandemic has already had on our industry.

LEATHERHEAD, Surrey, UK and AKRON, Ohio, USA – September 16, 2021 – Increasing use of sustainable packaging will add an extra $2.1 billion to the global market for functional and barrier coatings for paper and board packaging over the next five years.

As we start to emerge from Covid-19, many aspects of people’s lives are being transformed. McKinsey & Company’s Oskar Lingqvist, Gregory Vainberg, Daniel Nordigarden and Emily Roeper discuss how ways to serve customers are changing fundamentally, and what this means for tissue companies in the post-pandemic world.

Total packaging papers & specialty packaging shipments in July decreased one percent compared to July 2020. They were up two percent when compared to the same seven months of 2020.

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