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LignoTech South Africa (LignoTech) is an equal partnership joint venture between Sappi Southern Africa Limited (“Sappi”) and Borregaard AS of Norway (“Borregaard”).

The project to establish a biorefinery connected to Östrand’s pulp mill is proceeding according to plan.

(UPM, Helsinki, 4 October 2018 at 14:00 EET) - The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for UPM's possible Kotka Biorefinery in Finland has been completed and given to the authorities for their final conclusions.

With a low carbon footprint and a wide variety of uses, cellulose filaments are a sustainable biomaterial derived from wood fiber that is mechanically processed without chemicals or enzymes.

Innovation Norway has allocated NOK 17 million for research and development of fiber composites at Borregaard and Norske Skog Saugbrugs.

Domsjö Fabriker AB and Ecohelix AB have agreed to cooperate on establishing a demo scale plant for production of the hemicellulose copolymers developed and patented by Ecohelix.

The President of the Board of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, today opened in Puertollano the new renewable energy generation plant with low emission biomass of 50 MW of Ence in the town of La Mancha, in an act that has told with the presence of the Mayor of Puertollano, Isabel Rodríguez García, as well as the President of the company, Ignacio Colmenares, and the President of Honor, Juan Luis Arregui.

I had the privilege of founding Enviva more than 15 years ago with the simple purpose of fighting climate change with effective solutions that could be implemented immediately.

VANCOUVERDec. 16, 2019 - Pinnacle Renewable Energy ("Pinnacle" or the "Company") (TSX: PL) is pleased to announce it has entered into a three-year fibre supply agreement (the "Agreement") with Alkali Resource Management Ltd. ("ARM") whereby ARM will process, store and deliver biomass from harvest residuals to Pinnacle for use at its Williams Lake facility in British Columbia.

The first biorefinery in the world to produce wood-based advanced biofuels started commercial production in Lappeenranta, Finland five years ago.

Researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, with colleagues at the Université de Toulouse, France, have developed a process for the direct production of levulinates from cheap residual lignocellulosic biomass using an affordable homogeneous catalyst. A paper on their work is published in Fuel.

Sludge is a by-product of processes carried out in industry and agriculture. It is very wet, so disposing of it is difficult. A pilot project at Stora Enso's Heinola Mill in Finland addresses this challenge in the spirit of bio-based circular economy.
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