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A much-hyped but yet-to-be-completed aviation biofuels refinery in southern Oregon appears to be headed for foreclosure after backers failed to make principal and interest payments on some $300 million in debt.

The biorefinery should be in full operation by October 2023

Valmet’s new Pretreatment BioTrac pilot facility was started up at Valmet’s Fiber Technology Center in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Together with RISE, IsoTimber and Moelven, Stora Enso has been working on the most recent development of NeoLigno – 100% fossil-free structural boards and building elements.

Increasing demands for electrification mean more and more batteries are needed. Societies are built around electrification. Batteries are everywhere.

Styrofoam can take 500 years to decompose as it bloats landfills around the world, but new packing material called biofoam made of forestry waste can decompose in a matter of weeks, say scientists.

FORT DRUM, New York (WWNY) - You don’t normally think about where the wood goes when Bill Elliott & Sons Tree Service cuts down a tree. A large amount of the wood waste is sent to Fort Drum and its Biomass plant. A plant that is set to shutdown.

J.D. Irving, Limited has long played a key role fighting climate change with efforts that include planting over a billion trees. JDI recently declared its Forest Supply Chain, from seed to sale of products, carbon neutral.

The innovative southern Ontario company is putting its plans into motion to make renewable energy from woody biomass.

A Georgia plant turning wood residue into jet fuel is receiving a big chunk of new federal funding to boost production, in the hopes that its products can eventually lower the climate change impact of the airline industry and other sectors.

The Quebec government confirmed Wednesday that it is investing $284.45 million in Recyclage Carbone Varennes (RCV), in the Montérégie region, for both a biofuel and green hydrogen production plant.

Arbios Biotech and the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation Announce Name for Groundbreaking Renewable Biofuels Facility