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Recycled fibers are critical for sustainable paper and board production, but they are often contaminated with stickies and waxes from adhesives.

Mills incorporating waste paper in their process has since long struggled with many different issues. The more obvious are the actual contaminants accompanying the waste paper.

Kimberly Clark Mexico operates many tissue mills in Mexico; one of them is located in Orizaba. As phase I of a major machine rebuild, KCM decided to replace one of their Yankee steam cylinders and simultaneously install a new state-of-the-art Yankee hood, process air systems and full heat recovery systems.

As part of a larger expansion program – “Expansion Värö 2.0” – Södra Cell Värö implemented an extensive modification of the existing pulper in the spring of 2020. The upgraded pulper is more efficient, quieter and more reliable. Cellwood is awarded gold stars for everything from thorough planning to exemplary documentation.

State-of-the-art plant will save 36,000 tonnes of CO2 at Kemsley Paper Mill in Kent, UK

UPM is replacing the use of fossil fuels with electric boilers in heat and steam production at its mills in Finland and Germany. A total of eight boilers will be installed, mainly to replace the use of natural gas.

The term Autonomous Maintenance is most known as one of the eight pillars in TPM – Total Productive Maintenance. The main idea in Autonomous Maintenance is that operators are responsible for performing minor maintenance tasks.

Preventive Maintenance examples of why you can’t just document a PM program, you have to execute the program.

Using Big Data to improve mill maintenance is a growing opportunity—and a significant challenge.

Valmet will deliver two fiber line improvement projects to SCA Obbola mill in Sweden.

Pulp mills are heavily dependent on superheated steam for vital operations like drying, heating, and turbine power generation.

Toscotec will supply two TT SYD MG Steel Yankee Dryers for Machine Glazed paper to the Indian paper manufacturer Chandpur Enterprises Ltd. at their paper manufacturing facility near New Delhi in Uttar Pradesh.

Safety is a top priority at Stora Enso, every day. The yearly safety week puts a special focus on safety and enables joint sharing, learning, and celebrations of the good safety practices implemented around the organisation.

Lake Utopia Paper is celebrating 365 days without a Recordable Incident as of January 20, 2023.

ANDRITZ Smelt Spout Cleaning Systems are proving to be something of a hit with recovery boiler operators world-wide, with several successful installations and more than 20 new systems on order.

Together we are ready to offer production warranties, including a limited batch of ready-to-order production lines with fast-tracked delivery in six months.

As the world is trying to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, Stora Enso is committed to playing a significant role in the work. Johan Holm, Head of Carbon Neutrality at Stora Enso, sat down to discuss the company's approach to climate action.

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