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The Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, digitized twins, artificial intelligence… these technologies are constantly vying for our attention, 4.0 times over. The danger is that you could spread yourself to thin with a multitude of solutions.

There are different ways of saying the sheet doesn’t go where it needs to go in the Press Section:

The development of the Industrial Internet toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomous mills will enable mill-wide optimization of processes. By “autonomous,” I mean machines or mills that can act independently without being controlled by humans.

At DS Smith, our circular approach means we always see waste as a potential resource. Which is why our Lucca paper mill in Italy is capturing heat previously lost during our paper manufacturing drying process to heat all the buildings on site – replacing fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions.

Many condensate return systems use an atmospheric hotwell or vessel, because they are simple to implement and usually come ready to install as they are supplied as part of the boiler package.

In November 2020, Resolute Forest Products received the American Forest & Paper Association’s Leadership in Sustainability – Energy Efficiency/Greenhouse Gas Reduction award in recognition of the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction initiatives we undertook at our Coosa Pines pulp mill in Alabama.

Sam was recently promoted to maintenance manager from assistant maintenance manager now with a long time maintenance employee/union official/supervisor appointed back up.

How to prevent CluNKs, sQueAKs and JaMs!

Reliability is a term that has become more commonly used in the industry.

After a complete dryer section rebuild supplied by Toscotec, Cartiera di Ferrara fired up PM1 at its mill in Ferrara, Italy.

Greenpaper rebuilds the press section and increases the pre-dryer section of paper machine 3

Cartonifício Valinhos, Brazil, has started up the rebuilt vacuum system on PM3.

UPM Raflatac has earned multi-site certification to the first edition of the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System for its ten label stock production facilities.

Three Domtar facilities were among a group of nearly 150 South Carolina-based companies recognized for outstanding workplace safety at the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s annual safety awards ceremony.

The Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 sustainability initiative recognizes the three essential pillars of sustainability — economic, environmental and social — interdependent factors that collectively support long-term viability, growth and improvement.

"The circular economy is our core business." These are the words of Alexis Zenner, Managing Director of VPK Paper, part of the VPK Group and based in Oudegem.

Canada’s leading manufacturer of quality tissue has redirected its strategy during the last three years. Chief Executive Dino Bianco has driven a focus on consumer insight… “to up our game at the front-end” … linked to an efficient production base. 

The goal of Marutomi Seishi Co., a tissue product manufacturer with facilities across Japan, is to reach a 20% share of the Japanese tissue market in the near future. TWM Senior Editor Helen Morris spoke to its President, Mr. Takeo Sano.

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