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Bulk generation is on the mind of every tissue maker. Light Dry Crepe (LDC) is in the constant pursuit of improved bulk in the finished sheet.

"Dryer bars", also called "Spoiler bars" consist of a number of equally-spaced rows of steel bars that are held against the inside surface of the dryer shell.

PÖYRY PLC Press Release 29 November 2018 at 12:00 (CET)

Investment in recovery boilers and other energy efficient systems has increased electricity self-sufficiency of Mondi's mills far beyond EU requirements, also enabling contributions to local power grids.

CASE STUDY - Four of Thermal Energy International's (TEI) engineers travelled to the Resolute FP Canada Inc. ("Resolute") pulp and paper mill in Thunder Bay, Ontario to conduct an onsite survey and specification process to properly size and replace the facility's existing mechanical traps with high-efficiency GEMTM Steam Traps.


To minimize drying energy costs this paper proposes optimizing dryer section hood and air system efficiency via the use of zero pressure line control combined with humidity control to maintain maximum exhaust humidity.

Proper installation, maintenance, and repair of your paper drying equipment are important to ensure all dryers remain in service to maximize drying capacity.

IDCON can help your organization define a clear and simple Reliability and Maintenance Strategy for your plant, mine, mill, and/or corporation.

In best practices, a closeout review or critique meeting gathers all the information from the last event and uses it to prepare for the next event.

It is with great satisfaction that A.Celli Paper announces the beginning of a valuable collaboration with Berli Jucker Cellox Co. Ltd., to supply the latest generation E-WIND T100 rewinder dedicated to the production of tissue paper for the capacity expansion project at Prachinburi plant.

with BTG instruments and advanced process controls package for Suzano Limeira unit

Heidenheim/Munich. Global technology group Voith will be working with Munich-based technology and software company PerfectPattern in future in the field of artificial intelligence.

What do you do when you become the first-ever division at Tolko to hit 750,000 hours zero RIR?

Resolute employees can be very proud of our world-class safety performance in 2018!

What makes a safe workplace? Safety gear, warning signs, safer machines?

Automatic Handling takes a very ‘hands-on’ approach to the business of being ‘hands-off.’

Resolute Forest Products is building on its strategy of pursuing initiatives that improve cost position, advance diversification, provide synergies or position the company to expand into future growth markets

First published in Tissue World Magazine - September / October 2018

At Tissue World Miami in March, Resolute Forest Products' Calhoun mill was awarded the Most Energy-Aware Mill Award.

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