In today’s world of electrical energy, paper mills and box plants still prefer steam to deliver heat energy to their processes. To understand why steam technology remains the most effective process heat source for paper mills, box plants and many other process industries, it’s useful to understand its intrinsic benefits.

As the company was looking for a way to assist customers remotely and in real-time to simulate in-person support for process optimisation, troubleshooting, and product development the Iristick.G1 smart glasses offered an excellent solution to provide customers with the support they needed, on-demand remotely smart glasses, with a built-in camera, were an excellent solution.

Forklifts are an invaluable piece of the paper industry’s production process, and for good reason. In the course of its life cycle, from paper mill to the printing machine, a typical paper roll might need to be loaded, transported, and unloaded between four and sixteen times.

Comart, a specialised distributor in the supply of paper cardboard and flexible films has the largest private warehouse in Spain with a permanent stock of more than 10.000 tonnes of rolls and sheets. It is one of the few distributors that can guarantee a 24-hour supply service in Spain, France and Portugal. 

Tissue papers are usually intended for the hygienic-sanitary market and, precisely for this reason, their most requested characteristics are softness and bulkiness. However, there are other important properties that depend, above all, on the type of fibers used and their processing.

Every problem in an organization can be found within an operational, support or management process. We often ask ourselves why the problem keeps occuring, and we try to solve it using the same level of thinking as when the problem originally appeared.

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