FSC Canada is pleased to share a  National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) ‘Recommendations” document which includes interim answers to questions related to the FSC Canada NFSS (FSC-STD-CAN-01-2018).

If you’re trying to reduce your home’s environmental footprint, small tweaks can end up making a big difference.

The study is conducted by FSC International to identify existing problems associated with development and implementation of indicators under Criterion 6.5. This criterion establishes conservation requirements of The Organization demonstrating conformity with FSC’s Principles and Criteria.

FSC Forest Week is being held the week of September 24th, with a theme of ‘Choose Forests, Choose FSC’. Previously known as FSC Friday, the campaign is designed to raise consumer awareness of FSC and responsible forest management.

Montréal, Canada, April 20, 2022/ After successful meetings with both federal ministers and Ontario government officials, FSC is heartened by the federal government’s April 20th deadline given to the Province of Quebec regarding the conservation of habitat for species-at-risk, woodland caribou.

Join us for a series of workshops on FSC Canada’s National Forest Stewardship Standard Caribou requirements.

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