Product Feature: Cascades PRO Latte Collection

Paper Advancement
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The demand for virgin pulp is on the rise – a trend that’s expected to continue through 2021. Alongside that, there’s an industry-wide shortage of quality sources of recycled fibers, resulting in record high prices for white paper products.

To address this market need and provide an alternative option for customers, Cascades PRO® has developed a new hybrid collection of paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue.

The Cascades PRO Latte Collection, available within the Cascades PRO Select® and Cascades PRO Perform® series, is manufactured using a combination of white recycled fibers and cardboard to provide customers with a Latte colored, cost-effective alternative to white paper products, without compromising quality and performance. Additionally, the paper towel and toilet paper offerings within the Latte collection are Green-e®, Green Seal®, and UL/Ecologo® certified, making them an ideal option for sustainability-minded customers.

If your customers are looking for a reliable set of paper products that doesn’t break the bank, consider the Cascades PRO® Latte Collection, currently available in the following options:

Hand Towels:

Toilet Paper:

Facial Tissue:

More information about the Latte Collection.

Source: Cascades PRO