Two Sides Latin America Promotes The Sustainable Use Of Paper To Consumers As Love Paper Latin America Is Launched

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Two Sides global effort in promoting the sustainable attributes of print, paper and paper-based packaging has helped increase the consumer’s awareness that paper is sustainable and is one of the most recycled materials in the world.

According to Fabio Arruda Mortara, CEO of Two Sides Latin America, there has never been such widespread concern, as of now, for the environmental credentials of the products and materials we use. Discussions about the use of plastics have driven a substantial change in the attitude of consumers and companies towards sustainability.

This debate has led more people to understand that paper can be an environmentally friendly option for reading, communication and packaging solutions, but there is still a lack of understanding and a significant underestimation of how sustainable paper, cardboard and cardboard truly is”, says Martín Rincon, Director of Biopappel de México.

Past campaigns have helped change the general public’s perception of these issues. “This year, Love Paper is more emotionally engaging and seeks to speak directly to consumers, presenting a totally new visual identity, with even clearer information, and addressing issues such as recycling, CO2 sequestration and sustainability“, highlights the CEO of Two Sides Latin America.

The launch of the Love Paper campaign in Latin America contributes to demystifying the myths about paper production, as well as being an ally in strengthening the knowledge about the sustainability of the production process, cultivated forests, products based on renewable fibres and paper. This information is extremely relevant for everyone since the role is fundamental in different moments of our daily life and has a transforming power in various fields such as education, work, leisure and culture”, states Nestor Nisnik, director of AFCP in Argentina.

To find out more about the Love Paper Latin America campaign, discover their website at

Source: Two Sides