(UPM, Helsinki, 3 February 2020 at 12:15 EET) — The global non-profit, CDP, has recognised UPM as one of the only six Triple A List companies globally for its significant actions to mitigate climate risk, prevent deforestation and enhance water stewardship.

Earlier, in September 2019, UPM announced the intention to sell its Chapelle newsprint mill in Grand-Couronne, France. It was communicated at the same time, that a process for the potential closure of the mill would be opened in case no credible offer would be received until mid-January 2020.

This year’s sowing season has started at SCA’s seedling operation, NorrPlant. A total of 100 million seeds will be planted this year, and SCA’s seedlings account for approximately a quarter of all seedlings grown in Sweden.

We are delighted to announce that Pro Carton’s TICCIT initiative has won the 2019 European Paper Recycling Award (EPRC) for Information and Education.

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