Parason is all set to provide a complete solution from the pulper to the pope reel to paper mills. Parason is a leading pulp line machine manufacturer. Along with our existing services of the pulp line machines, we will now provide paper manufacturing machines ensuring a complete turnkey solution for your paper mill.

UPM Raflatac is partnering with UPM Specialty Papers’ UPM LinerLoopTM recycling concept through its RafCycleTM by UPM Raflatac service in order to strengthen the labeling value chain offering of recycled content and closed loop products.

Segezha Packaging Romania (Segezha Group, part of Sistema JSFC) will supply paper sacks for selected self-leveling materials under the brand Ceresit, part of Henkel Adhesive Technologies, the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide.

The little insect is causing severe damage to the forests of Götaland and southeastern Svealand. By attacking and killing spruce trees, it destroyed an estimated 7 million cubic metres of forest in 2019, representing a monetary value of SEK 3 billion. Now, Holmen is taking action to enable its wood suppliers to keep a check.

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