Sappi Embarks on a journey of Digital Transformation

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Sappi has appointed Kouris Kalligas as Head of Digital Transformation for Sappi Europe. Kouris started his career in Sappi in 2008 as a management trainee and then became the Supply Chain Service Manager for Sappi Europe.

He then spent 5 years in Silicon Valley navigating the world of Venture Capitalists, gaining first-hand experience of running a tech start-up.  

Berry Wiersum, Sappi Europe’s CEO comments on three reasons as to why Sappi is ready for a Digital Transformation. ‘’One is driven by the market we operate in, one is driven by its own workforce, and the third one is driven by the desire to not only be good, but great. 

  1. The market Sappi operates in is a tough one. But over the last few years  we have done much to start winning in the graphics market  and we have  made big strides  to grow in our  Packaging & Specialities  business. . . However, markets continue to change and the digital revolution requires us to offer our customers the solutions they will be looking for in the future. 
  2. Sappi’s  workforce is ready to embrace new initiatives and digital solutions offer a new platform for innovation and efficiency. They give our workforce the opportunity to contribute to improving Sappi and make the company ready for the future.
  3. In its long history Sappi has constantly adapted and transformed to meet the requirements of its customers and changing markets, so it is logical for us to invest in new technology as it’s developed. We firmly believe that Digital Transformation will play a positive role in the future dynamism of the company.” 

In the coming years, Sappi aims to launch internal initiatives with the goal to empower its workforce with new methods & tools to do business, introduce a more connected experience with customers and seek partnerships across the value chain.  

Sappi has already launched Octoboost, a technology startup whose core mission is to develop innovative digital solutions for the print industry. Sappi is also implementing 
transformative initiatives in Sales, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing to take advantage of new technologies and applications in the world of Industry 4.0. 

Kouris will play a key role in navigating Sappi’s journey of digital transformation in the years ahead.

Source: Sappi

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