Resolute Tissue Honored for Superior Sales Growth and Performance

Industry News

Resolute Tissue took home one of the top honors at the Alliance 2019 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 11th for its superior sales growth and performance.

Resolute Tissue won the Navigator Recognition Award from Strategic Market Alliance (SMA) – a leader in the tissue sector – for delivering one of the largest increases in sales growth within the SMA Member Distributors network during 2018.

The SMA is comprised of North America’s leading janitorial, sanitation and foodservice distributors who serve the United States and Canada from more than 190 distribution centers. The Navigator Recognition Awards annually recognize and celebrate superior performance by the SMA’s top members and suppliers.  

Our Calhoun (Tennessee) mill produces premium private-label tissue for the retail market, while our Hialeah and Sanford (Florida) mills manufacture branded and private-label recycled and virgin paper grades for retail and away-from-home markets. Our retail products include Green Heritage®, Harmony® and Harmony® Ultra. Our away-from-home products include Green Heritage® Pro, Harmony® Pro and Harmony® Pro Ultra.

Source: The Resolute Blog

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