Why should you attend Woodrise 2019?

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Attend conferences by internationally recognized speakers

To kick things off, attend the keynote address on Monday, September 30 to have the privilege of hearing worldrenowned engineer Richard Woschitz, the principal engineer for Vienna’s 84-metre HoHo Tower—the world benchmark for multi-storey construction. Its 24 floors house apartments as well as hotel, business and service areas.

Update on international policies – leaders and emerging countries
This introductory talk by Jennifer Cover from US WoodWorks will provide an overview of current policies in many countries that facilitate the construction of mid- and high-rise buildings. For more than a decade, we have seen a significant  global increase in the number of new construction projects for buildings over four storeys. Some countries have long stood out, while others are slowly emerging with programs to support development of this market.

Emerging mid-rise and high-rise timber construction projects worldwide
In recent years, an ever-increasing number of large-scale projects worldwide have demonstrated wood’s ability to meet the requirements of high-rise construction. In this plenary session, key speakers from several countries will share their experience on projects recently completed or under development.

Contribution of timber construction to the bio-economy and carbon market
The construction sector plays a major role in the economy of industrialized countries. The industry is increasingly interested in sustainable development, which includes ensuring that materials come from sustainable practices and have a low environmental footprint. This plenary session will explain the benefits and challenges of  opting for wood within a forest bio-economy and offer a sustainable
development perspective for future generations.

Science and technology for urban densification: wood as a tool
In recent years, the development of new construction techniques and technological tools to speed the construction of buildings has been growing at a fast pace. The larger-scale use of BIM and the integration of innovative building systems enable rapid installation of structural components. These new construction techniques and technologies are often cited as models when building in highly dense urban environments. This plenary session will present examples of new technologies and construction techniques being used around the world.

The impact of wooden cities on quality of life and comfort
The comfort and well-being of building occupants are evaluated on the basis of a number of criteria. Whether to obtain a certain level of acoustic or thermal comfort or a healthy and well-lit environment, appropriate constructive solutions need to be implemented. A well-designed building increases productivity and provides occupants with a better quality of life. Marie-France Stendahl, architect at Sweden’s White arkitekter AB, will conclude the morning of October 2 with a discussion on Architecture as medicine: Evidence-based research into well-being.

Technical workshops:

Six technical sessions presented in parallel will conclude the congress on October 2:

  • Acoustic and vibration performance
  • Seismic risk prevention
  • Fire safety
  • Forest resources and wood products
  • Asian construction market: R&D and market
  • Durable building enclosure design

A business international congress and wide-scale exhibition showcasing the latest innovations

As part of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about major projects and innovations of participating companies in the Woodrise Technological Showcase section in the Exhibition Hall. These short informative presentations will be held during refreshment and lunch breaks.

Develop strategic partnerships with leading industry professionals through the B2B Meeting Platform

Woodrise 2019 gives participants the opportunity to take part in a structured networking activity through the business-to-business (B2B) meeting platform. Managed by conference organizers, this platform will give companies with common interests a chance to meet potential partners in order to engage in discussions and assess the feasibility of sharing projects. Companies active in the design of building systems and products, as well as the construction of wood buildings, will have the opportunity to connect with designers, architects, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and real estate developers. B2B meetings will be held in the designated area of the Exhibition Hall on October 1 and 2.

Discover current innovations by adding a technical tour

A total of 5 different official technical tours will feature some of the most impressive wood construction projects in the greater Quebec and Montreal regions: wood manufacturing companies, the new garage/paddock complex of the Gilles-Villeneuve F1 Circuit, companies specializing in the manufacturing of complete wood structures and construction systems, and research laboratories.

Key reasons to attend

For architects: Come learn from the international experts who will be on-site. Renowned architects such as Andrew Waugh (London) and Nicolas Laisné (Paris) will present their recent projects. On Wednesday, October 2, a technical workshop specifically focusing on the sustainable design of buildings will offer architects the chance to learn more about new techniques—from all over the world—to create our buildings of tomorrow.

For engineers: Many of the world’s engineers and builders of mid-rise and tall buildings will be part of this event. You’ll have the chance to meet the principal engineer of Vienna’s 24-storey wood building, as well as other professionals who have made wood their material of choice for urban construction. Also, technical workshops will provide the most recent information about the attributes of designing with wood.

For builders: New high-rise wood construction techniques will take centre stage at Woodrise. Industrialization of construction has become indispensable for building in urban settings. Experts from many countries will present their  projects. Come meet the experts in sustainable construction.

For the academic community: Woodrise sessions will provide a great deal of technical and scientific information. Construction professionals, including researchers from the world’s most important research centres, will present the results of their work in wood construction.

For promoters and clients: Wood construction has become an essential part of mid-rise and highrise development. Many such projects are currently under construction all over the world. Many cities are increasingly calling on builders to use sustainable construction techniques, and, more and more, wood is cited as the go-to material. Come meet developers and representatives of green cities who have faced this new reality.

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