Uniquely recyclable and plastic-free office paper wrap

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Tackling the mounting problem of plastic waste

With the increasing global awareness of problems related to plastic waste, consumers and companies are challenging existing conventions and looking for opportunities to replace plastics with renewable and recyclable solutions.

Office paper wrappers typically have a plastic coating to protect the product inside, which makes the wrapper difficult to recycle. In Europe alone, it is estimated that these wrappers generate over 5 million kg of plastic waste each year.


Recyclable and plastic-free office paper wrap

Made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood fibres, UPM UniqueBarr™ is a biodegradable and plastic-free solution. Without the plastic coating, the paper wrap can be recycled with regular paper waste and recycled up to seven times into new paper products.

UPM UniqueBarr™ wrapping paper protects the packaged product without the need for plastic lamination, enabling more efficient material flow with fewer converting steps and removing the need for transportation between different facilities.


UPM UniqueBarr™ reduces the overall carbon footprint

UPM UniqueBarr™ replaces plastics with a renewable and recyclable wood-based solution. As the paper does not need to be laminated, there are also fewer converting steps. Improved recyclability contributes to a smaller carbon footprint by prolonging the lifecycle of materials and by minimizing waste to landfill.

Ideal solution for a future beyond fossils

  • Made from renewable, responsibly sourced fibres. Available in FSC® or PEFC™.
  • Plastic-free
  • Provenly biodegradable
  • Copy paper wrappers generate an estimated 5 million kg of plastic waste in Europe each year
  • Fully recyclable with regular paper waste. Can be recycled up to seven times.
  • Less production steps, smaller overall carbon footprint


Source: UPM