Intelligent packaging

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Digitalise and differentiate with smarter packages

Connect and communicate. Digitalise and differentiate. Breakthrough technologies are starting to put the power of data into packaging – and into the hands of consumers and brand owners. As your full-service provider of intelligent packaging products and solutions, Stora Enso can guide you to get the most out of your packaging.

We're not just thinking outside the box – we're thinking across the entire value chain.

As one of the world's top 5 packaging suppliers and an innovation leader, Stora Enso is well positioned to take your packaging – and your business – to the next level. With proven technologies in RFID, UHF and NFC tags on your packages or individual items, your packaging can become intelligent - and your business can gain greater efficiencies, reliability and inventory accuracy across global supply chains.

The benefits of intelligent packaging and smart supply chains

Intelligent packaging contains actionable, real-time data that lets you uniquely identify and trace objects and even directly engage with consumers. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Drastically improve inventory accuracy, by up to nearly 100%
  • Slash out-of-stocks, shrinkage and mark-downs
  • Aid product authentication – prevent loss and counterfeiting
  • Enliven the customer experience, boost brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases
  • Reduce manual labour and costs, and errors due to inaccuracies and inefficiencies
  • Increase profit margins

How we help you get up and running

We help you set up the optimal infrastructure, tools and processes. Hardware is planned in a bespoke process together with your supply chain personnel. RFID readers and antennas can identify several hundred items per second, with much higher accuracy than barcodes. Our network of carefully selected partners will manage installation even in the most sensitive, high-security deployments.

There is no need for integration with your ERP system to run a pilot. When moving to full deployment, our IT specialists and leading partners, together with your system providers, will manage the integration.

Source: Stora Enso