Efficient transportation packaging for the iLINE® APP from Schönox

The highlight of the transportation packaging is the modular interior.

Paper Advancement

With its low weight, few individual components and optimum use of space – THIMM Packaging Systems has developed an extremely efficient and customised transportation packaging solution for the Schönox brand.

The core of the transportation packaging is the modular multi-material interior.

Schönox uses the transportation packaging for the iLINE® APP product, an adhesives applicator used in the trade. The smart combination of corrugated cardboard and foam has achieved very high stability at a low weight. The new transportation packaging also only needs a few components thanks to its sophisticated interior system, where a corrugated cardboard wrap-around acts both as a spacer to the outside and as an accessories compartment.

The transportation packaging from THIMM Packaging Systems has not only impressed customers but has recently also won an award. In the packaging prize Obal roku 2018 the transportation packaging for monitor brackets won an award in the "Automotive/Transport and Industrial Packaging" category.

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Source: Thimm Packaging Systems