Bag-in-Box Flexible Packaging: The Ideal Solution for Surviving E-Commerce Distribution

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Bag-in-Box is a more sustainable, worry-free and convenient packaging solution for shipping liquids in the e-commerce world.

With global e-commerce expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021 and nearly half of CPG growth expected to come through e-commerce, brands must reassess how they package products in order to meet the demands of online shoppers. There are more touchpoints in the e-commerce distribution channel – packages are repeatedly handled and repacked before reaching the consumer. Liquid products in traditional rigid containers are at the biggest risk of being damaged in transit with plastic pumps, caps or nozzles breaking, shattering or unthreading.

The Bag-in-Box Solution

Bag-in-Box is composed of a durable, puncture-resistant flexible bag with a dispensing tap or fitment containing the liquid product (primary packaging) that is protected within a recyclable outer cardboard box (secondary packaging). This ensures that the dispenser is not crushed or damaged thereby avoiding product leaks, unsatisfied customers and product returns.

Bag-in-Box packaging provides the right sized shipping solution with enhanced cube efficiency in an overbox, compared to standard rigid containers or glass bottles. The cube utilization and reduced weight allows Bag-in-Box to be easily stored and transported, substantially reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

DS Smith Rapak's flexible packaging experts can help design successful packaging for the e-commerce world and get products to market faster with its cost effective, small footrpint Bag-in-Box filling equipment.

Source: DS Smith