The Cristini group celebrates its 100th anniversary. For this occasion, Paper Advance met with Vittorio Montiglio and John Feola, President and General Manager of Cristini North America.

It's ironic that for years Canada's forestry industry has been accused of not seeing the bigger picture when it comes to making itself competitive, and yet the solution to many of its woes has come from an emphasis on the microscopic. Or, rather, on the 'nano.'

The founders and employees of Cascades recount their experience with the Company, from its beginnings 50 years ago to today.

Join Steven Sage, Vice-President of Sustainability & Innovation at Kruger Products as he discusses the importance of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and dispels some common misconceptions about virgin fibre.

Chemistry and cooperation: solving problems through innovation

Buckman may specialize in some of the industry's most complex chemical solutions, but the basic mandate of the 67-year old company isn't based on rocket science: Buckman just focuses on what it does best.

John D. Williams is a busy man. A self-described 'deeply frustrated golfer' an avid reader and committed to a regimen of regular walks through the countryside for fitness, the UK native has been at the helm of one of North America's most profitable pulp and paper companies since 2009.

''As PAPTAC prepares to celebrate its 100th Anniversary, the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada is proud to have contributed to the development of the Canadian pulp and paper industry through the expertise of its members.'' - Gregoire Hay, Executive Director, PAPTAC.

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