A scholarship from J.D. Irving, Limited helped Chris Clark of the Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick, pay for tuition while studying power engineering at the New Brunswick Community College.

The Cristini group is investing in North America where their competitors are "rationalising their operations". Paper Advance visited the plant of this family owned company in Lachute, Qc where Cristini just recently invested over 3 million dollars.

In 2005, after completing a Bachelor of Engineering at Université de Moncton, Karl Le Gal joined the team at J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) at the Saint Léonard Sawmill. A native of Edmundston, New Brunswick, Karl was thrilled to find a rewarding career so close to home.

John Williams, President and CEO of Domtar, opened Wednesday of PaperWeek with a keynote address that in many ways sets the tone for the transformational mode that the Canadian forest products industry is in right now, while still holding a strong position in its traditional pulp and paper markets.

Richard Garneau, President and CEO of Resolute Forest Products, kicked-off PaperWeek 2014 with a keynote address, to an overflow crowd, about the challenges facing the forest products industry today and its challenges to adjust to market conditions and stiff competition, to squeeze out costs and to remain competitive in a difficult economic environment with limited capital resources.

At the PaperWeek Canada Tuesday luncheon, Sten Nilsson, CEO of Forest Sector Insights AB, gave a provocative presentation entitled "Transformation of the Canadian Forest Industry Sector, is Tabula Rasa (literally, a blank slate) required."

Dispassionate isn't a quality typically attributed to successful people. In some instances, however, the ability to approach investment in a particular business or industry with a certain degree of detachment is the secret ingredient to a soaring stock price, and a healthy roster of clients.

Lobbying in Canada has become an increasingly difficult racket. The 2008 establishment of the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying (an independent Agent of Parliament) was intended to ensure transparency and accountability in the lobbying of public office holders, and to increase public confidence in the integrity of government decision-making.

Pierre Lapointe has the white hair and serene attitude of a mature man. But after an hour spent at his office on Boulevard St Jean, Pointe Claire, it is obvious that appearances are deceiving; the CEO of FPInnovations’ is a young wolf.