Tissue World Webinar: Let’s Talk Tissue


June 23, 2020
16:00 ‐ 17:00 BST

Challenges and learnings in a time of crisis. How will the tissue business model the future?

The extraordinary circumstances we are living in has put enormous pressure on the tissue supply chain. Yet the tissue industry has been remarkably resilient, and the pandemic has also been a catalyst to speed up the pace of change in the industry. Tissue World magazine is hosting a live, moderated panel discussion with four key industry experts. They will assess the likely legacy of COVID-19 for our industry, the lessons learned, as well as the strategies that have kept things on track. Our agenda will comprise focussed “chat show”-style sessions inviting at anyone involved in the Tissue making business, from raw material suppliers, to producers, converters, jumbo roll suppliers, all machinery suppliers to the industry, retailers and distributors!

 Visit www.tissueworldmagazine.com for all details and registration

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