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The company starts the celebration of its 25th anniversary in October in Lucca

Leipzig, Germany 10.09.2020 – The German company emtec Electronic GmbH develops, produces and sells testing technologies worldwide and celebrates its 25th anniversary starting at MIAC 2020 in October in Lucca, Italy at booth no. 103. The company is proud of what has been achieved over the past few decades and looks back on successful businesses as well as great partnerships.

In 1995 the company started with one device and four employees within the paper industry. Its founder and General Manager, Mr. Giselher Gruener developed a new measuring device for liquid penetration PDA Penetration Dynamics Analyzer to predict the gluing, printing and coating behavior of paper and board. Beside other developments the company introduced the first objective softness measuring device in 2006 to the tissue industry. The emtec TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer is probably the biggest success in emtec’s history. This success story is likely to continue in the textile and nonwovens industry, where manufacturers, chemical suppliers etc. have similar concerns, the haptic properties of a textile or nonwoven product are of utmost importance for consumers.

A further milestone was the introduction of the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer in 2012, which allows the determination of the total ash content as well as the individual minerals and fillers in paper and board non-destructive within seconds. The latest innovation for the pulp and paper industry is coming from a close partnership with AFG Analytics GmbH. The improved and new designed CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer have been introduced in 2016. The two updated and upgraded test devices didn´t change their measuring principle, but with their small size and light weight, it is easy to carry them, the touchscreen enables an easy and intuitive handling and with the PC software deeper analyses of the tested material are possible.

In the meanwhile, the company has around 32 employees and offers 13 different devices with several modules in more than 80 countries with a global sales network of 32 independent representatives. All devices of the emtec product range are self-developed and unique on the market.

If you have the chance to visit MIAC 2020, feel welcomed at emtec booth no. 103 to have a look to the emtec testing equipment, clink glasses with emtec staff Philipp Sievers and Ullrich (Ulli) Kasten, have a tiny snack with the Italian representatives Riccardo Cossi (Qi Srl) and Massimo Rossi (Metreo Srl), discuss ideas, get open questions answered or own samples tested live.

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About emtec Electronic
emtec Electronic GmbH develops, produces and distributes worldwide testing and measuring devices for the detection of relevant processing properties of paper, board, nonwoven and textile materials. The portable measuring devices enable manufacturers and converters of paper, nonwoven and textile products for example, to control and optimize the manufacturing and converting processes during ongoing production. From the wet end to the final product, the application of the devices enables an efficient process to achieve and ensure the best possible quality with the least possible effort.
For 25 years, we have relied on innovative, highly specialized measuring instruments combined with a high degree of service orientation. Since the company was founded, we have been intensively involved in scientific cooperation with institutes and companies, further developing instruments for our customers and offering a broad network in over 80 countries from our Leipzig location.

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