Panel & Roundtables on Managing COVID-19 at PaperWeek 2021

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The global covid-19 crisis has led to many important changes within the industry, dramatically affecting all stakeholders, from production to management, on both human and financial levels.

PAPERWEEK OPENING KEYNOTE - Monday February 8, 13:30 ET
“Canada’s Forestry Industry – Impacts of COVID-19 and Recovery Strategies”

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eventNews1 19jan21 3MACHINE SUPERINTENDENTS ROUNDTABLE - Wednesday February 10, 12:00 ET
“Managing operations during Covid-19”

What have mills done to overcome COVID-19 and continue operations: In a world after the COVID-19 pandemic, what do you believe will remain in place for policies and procedures in our mills as a result? Will things go back to the way they were?
Moderator: Justin Charron,  Shift Manager, J.D. Irving

eventNews1 19jan21 4SHUTDOWN MANAGEMENT ROUNDTABLE - Thursday February 11, 12:00 ET
“How are you managing your major turnarounds (shutdowns) in your mill during COVID-19? ”

Discussion on : Date of outage and duration; Provincial restrictions; Work site arrangements, shifts, hours of work, food services, social distancing, etc.; Community arrangements – restrictions on community travel, isolation; Contractor on boarding process; Communications – employees, municipality, Provincial Health, Public Heath.
Moderator: André Murphy,  Mill Manager, CKPI

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Source: PAPTAC