Interview with Ahlstrom-Munskjo’s Zack Leimkuehler, Presenter at Specialty Papers US 2021

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For 14 years Smithers’ Specialty Papers US 2021, coming to Milwaukee, WI, and online, November 2-3, 2021, has provided a unique opportunity for paper experts to gather and drive conversation around market influencers, hear ideas and insights from different parts of the supply chain, and become knowledgeable about innovations and market insights that will improve their businesses. 

In an effort to expand on the content that will be presented at Specialty Papers US 2021, Smithers reached out to Zack Leimkuehler, Vice President, Technical Solutions Business Unit and Business R&D at Ahlstrom-Munskjo.

Zack discussed his upcoming presentation: From Plastic to Purpose – a movement beyond traditional sustainability. The world has moved forward with the sustainability initiative known as the “War on Plastic Pollution.”  The team at Ahlstrom-Munksjö is taking it a step further – by implementing the “from Plastic to Purpose” movement: going beyond traditional sustainability.

Concerning his presentation, Leimkuehler said “"We want participants to walk away with a call-to-action.  We are not just challenging ourselves to develop renewable solutions that replace non-renewable products, we are challenging the industry.”

According to Leimkuehler, “"At Ahlstrom-Munksjo, we really look at sustainability from multiple facets. . . Sustainably is imperative in terms of operating our plants in the most energy efficient way possible . . ."

The full interview can be read on the Specialty Papers website, here:

The 2021 program is focusing on Specialty Papers in the Modern Era: Uncovering Emerging Opportunities and New Applications.

Presenters include experts from Nestle, BYBI Beauty, Stora Enso, Domtar, Ingredion, Printpack, FiberLean Technologies, Minifibers, Pacoon, and more. Speakers will engage and inform through presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, while attendees explore the latest technologies. 

Safety is a key priority for Smithers. Smithers is working with the venue to guarantee social distancing, safe food handling, and clean meeting spaces. For those unable to attend in person, take advantage of the virtual attendance option. This includes innovative networking opportunities, live-streamed content, and the ability to view presentations and access the platform for 90 days.
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Source: Specialty Papers