High-profile BIOFOR Panels at PaperWeek Virtual 2022

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The 2022 edition of the BIOFOR Program will feature a number of Technical sessions and Roundtables, as well as 3 Panels featuring high-level speakers from around the world.

Panel 1, Tuesday February 8, 10:00 ET - Policies, standards, and certifications to support the deployment of the Canadian bioeconomy

This panel will showcase how common ground discussions and consensus between the various stakeholders support the development of emerging pathways for the valorization and commercialization of wide spectrum of bioproducts, using standards and/or regulations.


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Panel 2, Wednesday February 9, 8:00 ET - Advances in Digitalization: Supporting Forestry Industry Competitiveness, Sustainability and Energy Use Reduction

Following the success of BIOFOR 2021’s technical panel on the emerging era of digitalization in the forest products sector, the same international panel of renowned experts will reunite to present the state-of-art on digitalization, including advanced analytics, Industry 4.0 for energy use reduction, sharing data across supply chains, telemetry, and much more.


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Panel 3, Wednesday February 9, 10:00 ET - Climate Change, Forests and Fibre Supply: Impacts and Adaptations

What are the expected changes on the short and long terms, and can we adapt to ensure a sustainable supply of forest resources for the current and emerging bio-economies? Why climate change adaptation should be at the forefront in the forest sector? Is there a need of New Forestry Act following the warning resulted from the Glasgow COP 26? The experts from different fields of forest science will walk us through different perspectives of impacts of climate change and potential adaptation strategies/measures, as well as address these questions.


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Source: PAPTAC