Future material developments, new fibre products and insights into fibre technology at the PTS Pulp Symposium 2021

Event News

On 23.11. and 24.11.2021, the international industry meeting for pulp and fibre research will take place - the PTS Pulp Symposium 2021. The program of the upcoming event is aimed at experts who are interested in and want to learn about new fibre-based material devel-opments and fibre products.

The insightful topics from and discussions with experts and internationaly recognized speakers from science and industry will be divided into four sessions "Bioeconomy," "New Fibre Products," "Process Inno-vations" and "Fibre Forming.

The two days of the event will open with a keynote by Daniel Stegmann (Uniper SE) and Peter Dèsilet (pacoon GmbH):

  • "CO2 Neutral Pulp & Paper Industries in 2040", Daniel Stegmann.
  • Outlook for new fiber raw materials for packaging in the coming years", Peter Dèsilet.

The PTS conference organizers, Dr. Martin Zahel and Dr.-Ing. Tiemo Arndt, were thus able to put together an interesting and varied program that will be suitable for both online and on-site participants.

As a hybrid event format, the PTS Pulp Symposium 2021 will again offer the possibility to participate in a face-to-face event and to interact with the speakers and the conference topics on site. For this purpose, a visit to the "Dresdner Striezelmarkt" and the dinner after the program on the first day is ideal for "networking".

In order to be able to participate in the conference flexibly in terms of location and time, the conference will also be available for online participants. In addition to the Expert Talks and Q&A sessions, there will be the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and exchanges.

PTS Pulp Symposium 2021 - Conference Information:

  • Date: 23. & 24. November 2021
  • Venue: Hybrid Conference (online & on-site participation possible)
  • Language: Engl
  • Web: www.pulp-symposium.com

Conference Hosts:

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