BIOFOR Panels on Bioeconomy at PaperWeek Canada 2020

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The BIOFOR Program will feature a first Panel on Tuesday February 4 in the afternoon, with renowned international experts in the field of Lignin-based biorefineries:

biofor 16nov20 2The theme of the panel is " Lignin-based biorefinery value chains: Added-value products and the transition towards a low carbon economy".
Moderator: Michael Paleologou, FPInnovations
Panelists: - Ludo Diels, Research Leader, Vito - Eddie PeaceLeader, Corporate Bioproduct Development, West Fraser Mills - Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice-President, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

The second Panel in the BIOFOR Program is scheduled on Wednesday February 5 in the morning, and will address the timely topic of "Circular Bioeconomy: Growth, policy and investment opportunities".

The bioeconomy and circular economy share common targets by aiming at the use of eco-efficient processes, reducing GHG emissions and the demand for fossil-based carbon, as well as valorizing waste and side streams. The bioeconomy centres on substituting fossil-based carbon with renewable carbon sources such as forestry and agricultural biomass, while the circular economy focuses on the improved efficiency of production and manufacturing processes and the use of recycled and recirculated materials.What are the drivers that might accelerate the deployment of the circular bioeconomy? What could be the synergies between the policy and investment opportunities to boost cross-sectoral economies? How can effective Indigenous participation in the Circular Bioeconomy be enhanced through business planning, capacity building and employment opportunities? Do we need new business models to benefit from these opportunities? What are the science and innovation gaps to focus on? These are but a few of the issues this panel will address.
Moderator: Paul Stuart, Polytechnique Montréal
Panelists: - Murray McLaughlinAdvisor Bioproducts, McLaughlin Consultants - Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University - Paul Boudreault, President, Bosk Bioproducts

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Source: PAPTAC