Another Exciting Papermaking Program at PaperWeek 2020

Event News

The Papermaking track will run Tuesday and Wednesday with three sessions dedicated to top presentations, and two roundtables.

pwc2020 22nov19 2Justin Charron, Irving Paper Limited Papermaking Track LeaderSESSION 1
"EcoFill - Innovative and Proven Technology for Enhancing Paper Strength", Mike Wallace and Peter Jelinek, Kemira
"Future of MES – Towards Autonomous mills", Timo Arra, Tieto CANADA
"Innovative Smart Digital Platforms", Andy Bergeron, Kemira

"The Importance of Balancing Paper Machine Hood Air Systems", Lawrence Yane, Enerquin Air
"Toscotec’s dryer section rebuild: the in-depth analysis of a case history", Giulia Fabbri, Toscotec
"Thermocompressor Applications in Paper Drying", Mike Soucy, Kadant

"Roquette Pea starch VECTOR® N-735", Lucie Mandanici , Quadra Chemicals
"Surface application of MFC", Marc Foulger, Valmet
"Green ASA Technology", Jan-Luiken Hemmes and Elisabeth Lackinger, Kemira Finland

Kick-off presentation by Lincoln Esau, Irving Paper "PM1 Return to 4-Setters GreenBelt"

Kick-off presentation by Javad Saberian, Kruger / Frédéric Parent, FPInnovations "Addressing Curl of Paper & Paperboard- Few Case Studies"

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Source: PAPTAC

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