An Impressive PaperMaking Program at PaperWeek Virtual 2022

Event News
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The PaperMaking track will run 4 sessions from Monday to Thursday in the morning. Look forward to expert presentations on Chemistry, Wet-End Technology and optimisation, as well as a Roundtable in french!

SESSION 1, Monday February 7, 10:00 ET- Papermaking Chemistry

“Improving Strength and Speed through Enzymatic Fiber Modification”, Maurice Rizcallah, Buckman
“Mastering Retention Chemical Injection and Control on a Modern Board Machine”, David Paque & Peter Jelinek, Kemira
“Strategic Approach to Dry Strength Market Needs”, Pascal Rivard, Solenis

SESSION 2, Tuesday February 8, 10:00 ET- New Technology, Wet-End

“UHLE Box Dewatering Improvements with Perforated Covers”, Stefan Rader & David Brown, Rochling Leripa
“Evolving Refiner Plate Designs for Changes in Furnish Quality”,
Al Zumpano, Andritz
“Revolutionary Wire Clearing Solution...using less Water and Energy”,  Shawn Gray, Pixelle Specialty Solutions, Chillicothe & Gilles Boulianne, Coldwater

SESSION 3, Wednesday February 9, 10:00 ET- Paper machine optimisation/improvement

“Predictive Modelling and Troubleshooting through Historical Data”, Phil Morency, Andritz“
“Dryer Fabric Cleaning Solution and Case Study”, Jean-François Poirier, Cascades Cabano & Denis Martin, Kadant Canada
TSO Angle and Fibre Orientation Analysis and Optimization on MultiPly PaperBoard”, Stuart Loewen, LSZ Paper Tech

SESSION 4, Thursday February 10, 10:00 ET- Bobinage (français)

“Casse de la feuille à la bobineuse et autres problèmes opérationnels“ Luc Bédard, SPN & Jacques Perrault, Cascades CS+
“Principes de bobinage & Surveillance et optimisation“ Bassam Dib, SPN
“Importance de l'uniformité dans le bobinage“ Fréderic Parent, FPInnovations

Visit for details on program and registration

Source: PAPTAC