Advance your MFC potential with FiberLean at TAPPICon 2023

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Ready to discuss significant raw material savings options and grade development flexibility for your paper and boardmaking? MFC (micro- fibrillated cellulose) technology from FiberLean Technologies is a game-changer.

Here’s the FiberLean management team line-up:

Learn what MFC can do for your business with Enrico de Landerset’s (CEO) technology showcase.

Tom Larson (Head of Business and Development of Paper and Board) will share his insights on the positive impact of MFC on sustainability in packaging business materials - "Microfibrillated cellulose for next-generation sustainable packaging." 

David Skuse (VP of Technology) will present the production of MFC using stirred media mills and its applications in paper and board. 

Jeff Tyler (Regional Commercial Director, NA) and Tom Larson (Head of Business and Development for Paper and Board) are ready to answer all your questions about MFC at the Hot Topics Breakfast.  

Head to Booth 507 from April 22-26 to meet the expert FiberLean team and learn how MFC can benefit your business.

With over 700 patents, FiberLean MFC, and customers on three continents, FiberLean’s scientists and application specialists are ready to hear about your potential with biomaterial sustainability advances. FiberLean Technologies is part of the Werhahn Group and is headquartered in Neuss, Germany. Go to to learn more.

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Source: FiberLean