Spotlight in Brief: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Innovation in Sustainability

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Leadership in Sustainability Award: Innovation in Sustainability  

Member Spotlight: Appvion 

The paper and wood products industry is innovative, constantly changing and using sound science to make better products, programs and projects. 

AF&PA member Appvion is a manufacturer of thermal paper in North America and has been committed to developing environmentally responsible solutions since inception, over 100 years ago. 

Appvion made a new leap forward with their CleanSlate™ technology. CleanSlate is a transformational technology that offers an innovative and sustainable solution to growing demands of products made with more natural components.  

The CleanSlate technology can be applied to point-of-sale (POS) receipts, tickets and labels, and eliminates chemical developers and dyes, as well as chemical reactions to form the image. CleanSlate  technology offers resistance to direct sunlight, high humidity and high heat. The images created are permanent and will not fade.  

The new technology provides improvements for the supply chain, which has led to a 30 percent reduction in fossil fuel GHG emissions for the CleanSlate POS product.  

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Source: AF&PA