PROactively sustainable: Keeping your business ahead of the game

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Today’s consumer is an intentional shopper with a clear list of priorities, and more are choosing to prioritize eco-conscious brands in an effort to minimize their environmental footprint.

But when you’re making larger purchases, such as hygiene products, this can seem daunting. How do you know what your customers will consider sustainable? Are there materials, certifications or other qualities you should be looking for?

It just so happens that sustainability has been part of the Cascades PRO® DNA since day one, so we can help guide your decisions to ensure your customers get what they want.

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Choose recycled fibers

An easy way to ensure the products you offer are more sustainable is to look at their production materials. According to a study we conducted in 2022, 92% of consumers feel they are making a positive impact when they choose paper products made from recycled fibers.

At Cascades PRO®, we work hard to make sure we offer our customers a range of products that follow such market trends. Over 70% of our products are made with 100% recycled fibers, including refills for the Tandem® dispensers, so you’re sure to find something that meets your customers’ needs.

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Add compostable options to your product selection

The famous 3Rs are a key principle of sustainable development: Reduce, reuse and recycle. For most tissue and towel products, reducing is made easy with solutions like the Tandem® controlled-system dispenser.

Reusing is trickier for most paper products because they’re at the end of the material’s life cycle. At Cascades PRO, however, we’re committed to supplying products with end-of-life sustainability. That’s why we provide compostable products made of materials that can decompose quickly into natural elements, whether in a composting environment like an industrial or municipal composting facility, without damaging the environment.*

In fact, we’ve worked hard to ensure that most of our products that might end up in the trash, such as napkins, kitchen roll towels and hand towels, are now third-party certified for their compostability. By choosing such products from Cascades PRO, you know you’re always offering options that are either certified by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) – a world leader in industrial composting standards – or that meet the criteria of other third-party certification bodies. Some of these include:

  • Green Seal, which establishes high standards for product performance and fiber sources, restrictions on hazardous chemicals, and limits on water and energy use in the manufacturing process.
  • Green-e, which focuses on clean energy standards and provides resources to help companies move away from non-renewable energy sources like coal.
  • UL Solutions, which measures multiple environmental factors like greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water use, product components, among others.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which verifies that companies sustainably source materials from forests in an effort to avoid deforestation and protect biodiversity, the workers and communities involved in the industry.

Today’s consumer looks for these certifications as a reassurance that they’re making responsible choices. In fact, 59% of those surveyed consider a product to be sustainable when they see a stamp of approval from a sustainability certification organization. With a roster of products that proudly meet these certification criteria, Cascades PRO can provide you with what customers in your market are looking for.

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We hold ourselves to high standards for all customers – yours and ours alike – and for the Earth. Cascades PRO is deeply committed to offering sustainable solutions for all our products through continuous efforts towards improving our manufacturing process to reduce our impact on the environment. Recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable corporations, our efforts to maintain a sustainable business model are paying off.

And with consumers increasingly choosing transparent, responsible companies, sustainability and quality have to go hand in hand.

sust 1june23 5A sustainable line of products

With our products, being PROactively sustainable is easy.

  • More than 70% of Cascades PRO’s tissue products are produced with 100% recycled fibers.
  • Cascades PRO now offers products that are certified by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA), a global leader in industrial composting standards. This ensures that products that might otherwise end up in the trash (like kitchen roll towels, hand towels and napkins) can be composted.*
  • Many of our Tandem® dispensers are designed with a stub roll feature, so they can use up to 100% of every paper roll. Also, many have replaceable parts, ensuring a longer working life – and less waste.

To learn more about how we commit to sustainable development, visit our Sustainability page.

* The products under this certification are suitable for industrial and municipal composting facilities, not for home composting.

Please check locally, facilities may not exist in your area.

Source: Cascades PRO