DS Smith launches new sustainable packaging solution for temperature sensitive deliveries


Nowadays is becoming more and more clear that consumer shopping habits drastically changed over the past months. The response to the Covid-19 pandemic was translated into an acceleration of e-commerce market.

Indeed, recent research from DS Smith revealed that European consumers plan to continue or increase buying groceries online (62%) and order home meal kits (49%). What consumers do worry about, is the packaging that their order arrives in. Or more specifically: its impact on the environment.

To answer the sustainability challenges raised by the growth in e-commerce, DS Smith and TemperPack are partnering to introduce ClimaCell®, a sustainable thermal insulation barrier for temperature sensitive goods such as meal kits, perishable groceries and medical products.

How does it work?

A combined pack will include:

  • a transport box – to protect and ship the content
  • insulation material – the thermal barrier between the inside and outside temperature (ClimaCell®)
  • and cooling agent (e.g. Gel packs)– to maintain the required temperature inside

Leading alternative for your sustainable thermal shipments

Looking for a sustainable solution to replace your EPS foam insulators?

By using ClimaCell® thermal liners is easier to tackle consumers worries about the environment.

The product, which is made from paper and bio-based materials, can be easily recycled in paper recycling bins by consumer after use. It will replace the difficult to recycle EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, over 350,000 tonnes of which is used in packaging annually, with just a third of this plastic packaging waste being recycled in Europe.

In addition, switching from EPS foam to ClimaCell® reduces your carbon emissions by 65%.                                       

Incredibly customisable

We help you to identify the best insulating solution for your deliveries. To meet your needs DS Smith will look at your thermal requirements and consider the different aspects of your supply chain. Through this holistic view, we ensure your deliveries arrive at the destination in perfect condition and ensure the perfect customer experience.

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Source: DS Smith