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Santiago, July 12, 2019 - In relation to the information published by the National Consumer Protection (Sernac) regarding the closure of the process of restitution to consumers and the distribution of diapers to the beneficiaries of the program Subsistema de Protección Integral a la Infancia Chile Crece Contigo, Empresas CMPC states that:

1. The restitution process for the equivalent of USD 150 million – the highest amount ever disbursed in Chile for a situation of this nature – benefitted 12,788,848 residents of the country. According to the information provided by the Sernac, the amount that was not collected will be distributed among the most vulnerable.

2. In 2017, CMPC delivered all the resources agreed to in accordance with its Board of Directors’ decision to self-denounce the facts that concluded in the ruling of the Antitrust Court (TDLC), cooperate in the investigation and restitute the possible damages to consumers.

3. As part of the process of self-denouncing, CMPC reported the facts, acts or documents related to any conduct potentially contrary to fair competition.

4. At the end of 2016, the National Antitrust Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) announced its decision to close the investigation into possible anti-competitive practices in the personal care products market. They stated in their report that “based on the evidence collected and the information provided in this report, this Unit considers that there is not enough evidence to file a motion with the Antitrust Court (TDLC) or to justify further pursuing this investigation”.

5. Despite the above and aware of the impact that it might have on the public opinion, CMPC welcomed a new proposal by the Sernac to evaluate the effect of these events in cooperation with consumer representatives. The final report of the Sernac concluded that there is no financial evidence of the existence of a collusive agreement based on the available information.

6. However, we recognize that these events caused distress and distrust among citizens, which is why we have agreed to distribute free of charge 6,517,000 diapers to the beneficiaries of the program Subsistema de Protección Integral a la Infancia Chile Crece Contigo.

7. We know that this action does not guarantee the recovery of any deteriorated trust, but it allows us to at least reinforce in the public eye our firm willingness to work towards achieving this sooner rather than later.

Source: CMPC

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