Metsä Board participates in paperboard cup collection initiative in France

International News

Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, is one of the founding members of Alliance Gobelet Carton that was founded in the spring to organise a pilot for the collection and recycling of paperboard cups in France. The first collections with partnering restaurants will start soon.

Alliance Gobelet Carton is an association of four paperboard cup producers and two paperboard producers. It aims to create a collection system to recycle paperboard cups and to bring together cup producers, paperboard suppliers, cup users and the recycling sector. Participants in the scheme will be issued with a collection box that can take up to 750 cups. Piloting the collection system will begin with selected fast food restaurants and vending machine companies in France over the coming weeks.

“Paperboard cups can be collected after use, recycled and used as valuable raw material when producing new packaging products. This is what we intend to demonstrate through the pilot project and to create a model that can be widened to more extensive use”, says Laurence Sovran, Sales Manager at Metsä Board.

Source: Metsä Board

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