Sappi North America Receives Minnesota Dual Training Grant for Cloquet Mill

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Company is awarded grant to provide manufacturing training to employees in partnership with local community college

CLOQUET, Minn., Sept. 17, 2019 -- Sappi North America, Inc., a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper and packaging products, was named a recipient of the Minnesota Dual Training Grant from the Office of Higher Education and Department of Labor and Industry for the amount of $100,000. The grant allows Sappi North America to strengthen the local workforce by providing advanced technical trainings to employees while improving functions and safety at its Cloquet, Minn. Mill.  

Sappi North America has participated in the grant program six times and continues to offer the opportunity for up to 25 employees each year to join a training cohort. Through the years, this grant has provided on-site training to over a hundred employees. The trainings were developed in collaboration with Lake Superior College to create a sustainable and strategic educational program, including necessary trade-focused, tactical learning and classroom-based lessons.

 "Investing in our people is one of our top priorities, and we are committed to providing valuable training and education for employees. With the help of the Minnesota Duel Training Grant and Lake Superior College, we can give employees at all levels necessary training in real-time that would otherwise not be available," said Brittany Bonk, Talent Manager, Sappi North America. "We are continuously grateful to the State for their support and for making these opportunities possible for those looking to grow their skills in the manufacturing sector."

Offered to all levels of employees in the maintenance department, the program aims to teach essential skills and grow employees' technical knowledge in the electrical and mechanical focus areas. These trainings are in place to help employees succeed in real-world settings, while offering participants the necessary education to pursue a variety of certifications. Those participating will be eligible for national certification testing after completion of this year's program. 

"Sappi truly values all of their employees, which shows through their continued investments in building a skilled workforce here in Cloquet," said Loren Manty, National Conference of Firemen and Oilers (NCFO) Local 939 president and a 34-year employee at the mill. "We look forward to seeing more employees enter the training program in the next cohort, as well as continuing to support those who are going on to certify in specific trades."

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Source: Sappi

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