Latest Resolute leaflet tells a bigger story

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Our latest annual Resolute at a Glance leaflet, available on our website, provides more than an overview of our operations and products.

It helps tell our sustainability story on our priorities, our performance and how we are progressing on our commitments. 

On the environment front, we track our GHG emissions, satisfy most of our energy requirements with renewable sources such as carbon-neutral biomass and hydroelectricity, and repurpose for beneficial use some 87% of the pulp, paper and tissue mill residues.

Underlying our work in the area of sustainability is a number we are particularly proud of: 100. Of the forests we harvest, 100% are regenerated and 100% of the woodlands we manage are certified to internationally recognized standards. What’s more, 100% of our facilities have fiber tracking systems, and 100% of these are third-party certified.

With close to 7,000 employees across some 40 facilities in the United States and Canada, Resolute is a top employer. We recruited over 1,350 new hires and renewed 26 collective agreements in 2022. And with an unwavering focus on safety, we recorded a world-class OSHA incident rate of 0.63. (For context, the U.S. forest industry average rate in 2021 was 1.7.)

$1.3 million. That’s how much we contributed to various community and academic organizations last year. Beyond financial contributions, our operations also provide material support. And we’re proud of our many employees who volunteer their time to support their communities.

Read the 2023 corporate leaflet: Resolute at a Glance.

Source: The Resolute Blog