Interveners set in Port Hawkesbury Power rate case

The interveners in an upcoming regulatory hearing into a proposed new power rate for Port Hawkesbury Paper has been set by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. the hearing is set for February. - Nancy King

Industry News

POINT TUPPER, N.S. — The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has set the list of participants for an upcoming hearing into a proposed new power rate for Port Hawkesbury Paper.

The deadline to file for intervener status in the hearing recently closed. Among those who have status are the province’s consumer advocate, represented by Willian J. Mahody and Emily Mason, with its application noting the proposal will have an impact on residential ratepayers and the consumer advocate intends to represent their interests; and the small business advocate, which represents three classes of small businesses — business, general and small industrial.


Source: The Vanguard


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