CN Rail recalling some of its 4,000 laid off workers as pandemic woes ease

A CN locomotive passes by freight containers at the CN Taschereau yard in Montreal, Saturday, Nov., 28, 2009. Canadian National Railway Co. says profits fell by 60 per cent last quarter as shipments declined nearly across the board due to fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

Industry News

MONTREAL, Ont. — Canadian National Railway Co. has laid off about 4,000 employees from its workforce this year as profits sagged 60 per cent in the second quarter amid fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shipments declined nearly across the board, prompting layoffs that left the country's largest railroad operator down 5,100 employees from June 2019, when it had some 26,500 workers.


Source: Times Colonist


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