$35 Million Modernization and Expansion at Doaktown NB Sawmill Begins Next Month

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DOAKTOWN, NB:  July will see shovels in the ground as the Sawmills Division of J.D. Irving, Limited begins a long-awaited investment at Doaktown.

The $35 million project will see the mill’s footprint grow by 14,000 square feet bringing together the sawmill, planer mill and value added centre under one roof.  Currently the sawmill is located on the other side of the road. New, state-of-the-art technology will be installed throughout the lumber production process. 

The project is expected to generate 40,000 person hours of work and will employ a team of 60 people during peak construction. 

The company is targeting spring 2021 for the commissioning and start-up of the new facility.

JAKE STEWART – Member of the Legislative Assembly for Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin

“This a great opportunity for the Miramichi region to grow it’s forestry sector. The investment into Doaktown means longevity, not only for the mill, and its employees, but also the surrounding communities.”


"This is great news for the village.  This investment means long-term security for our village.  You know when JD Irving invests that much into your village, they're not going to close something down in a few years, they're here to stay. Hats off to JD Irving and their staff. We really appreciate what they've done for us and continue to appreciate what they've doing in our community." 


“This is home and we have a great team here at Doaktown.   We’ve been part of the community for over 30 years.  We know how important it is to sustain jobs and support local suppliers in rural New Brunswick,” explains Jerome Pelletier, Vice President of Sawmills for J.D. Irving, Limited.  “On completion, this site will be one of the most modern of its kind in North America.  From a customer and market perspective, the timing is right.”

Source: JD Irving

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