Canfor officials spent last week finishing up the necessary paperwork to have the company’s employees affected by the four-day week work schedule at its mill here qualify for federal employment insurance benefits through a workshare program.

September 12, 2019 - SAINT JOHN, NB:  Over 1,000 contractors from 45 companies from St. Stephen to Bathurst are on the job for 24/7 until September 17 as part of a $22 million investment on the west side of Saint John at Irving Tissue and Irving Pulp & Paper.  

California lawmakers recently rejected a bill meant to ban paper receipts. The proposal would have required businesses to ask customers if they wanted a paper receipt before printing one, and businesses would have been forbidden to print coupons or advertisements on receipts unless requested by the customer.

Communities throughout the British Columbia Interior are facing an economic crisis as the combined effects of beetle epidemics, forest fires and external market forces take their toll on what was once North America’s most robust forest industry.

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