With some recycling programs across the country having to scale back services or halt collection completely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, recyclers are in a challenging situation trying to find the feedstock needed to keep up with an increase in demand for certain paper products.

The province is opposing a deal that Northern Pulp claims would allow it to continue paying severance to its laid off employees, its share of the cost of Boat Harbour’s shutdown and cleanup, safely idle its kraft pulp mill and work toward an environmental approval for a new effluent treatment plant.

Our Sawmills Division has recently completed a $4.9 million investment at the Kedgwick Sawmill.  The modernization has meant work for nearly 60 contractors from other small communities from Bathurst to Edmundston.

British Columbians should be proud of our deep forestry roots because it is the forest industry that built our beautiful province into what it is today.

As people grow weary of online entertainment and digital communication in the age of COVID-19, industry analysts have noticed some interesting paper trends, particularly when it comes to books, education, entertainment and communication.

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