Reel-Jet™ - High-pressure water-jet turn-up system


The Reel-Jettm system provides the highest turn up efficiency in the marketand significantly reduces spool loss.

The Reel-Jettm water jet turn up system can operate jointly with conventional air goosenecks, tape turn ups, and air assisted on level rail turn up systems, making the Reel-Jettm the most flexible water jet multi mode turn ups.

There are various possible turn up methods with the Reel-Jettm system.

Common methods

  • Cross cutting, chevron tip creation (cutting nozzles cross one another)
    • On level rail turn-up
    • Pulper turn-up (following a sheet break)
  • Parallel cutting for light hygiene grades (no cross of cutting nozzles)
  • Parallel cutting for heavier publication/board grades (no cross of cutting nozzles), with possible auxiliary water-jet slasher
  • Patented X-Cut profile to eliminate flying paper on parent roll


  • Reliable process performance
  • Process not affected by paper machine speed or basis weight
  • Symmetrical turn-up reduces spool loss
  • Minimized parent roll loose / flying paper


  • Stainless steel cross-machine beam with timing belts and tracks for carriages
  • Powerful servo motor for high-speed and accurate position control
  • Hose guiding and tensioning system for extended lifespan
  • Use of water-soluble and fully repulpable sealant that does not leave glue or paper residue on the spool

Source: Paprima

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