On Friday, March 27, the Forest Products Association of Canada and Canada's Public Policy Forum jointly hosted an innovative and collaborative panel at Ottawa's Museum of Nature, to discuss The Future of Forestry: Sustainable Solutions.

While the concept of a circular economy is gaining momentum in Europe, the Confederation of European Papermaking Industries (CEPI) is concerned about the European Commission's recent withdrawal of proposed legislation that would have entrenched the approach to waste management in the continent.

Increasingly, the concept of recycling is offered not only as a solution to environmental degradation and climate change, but also to rising production costs and shortages raw material shortages.

Canada’s forestry sector is getting around in the world. Last month a delegation took part in the 19th European Biomass Conference Exhibition in Berlin. Designed to promote business-to-business relationships and to foster a spirit of collaboration between Canadian biomass/bioenergy producers and European organizations and investors, Canadian representatives were out in full force to showcase what our industry has to offer.

On August 5, 2010, 33 miners were left trapped 700 metres below the ground in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  The workers survived underground for an unprecedented 69 days and on October 13, miraculously, all 33 were rescued and brought to the surface. The health of the owner of the mine, San Esteban Mining Company, is less certain, however.

When I first began writing about Canada's forest sector in 2004, the industry was at a critical turning point. The glory days of positive ROIs and extensive capital upgrades were starting to fade and mills were beginning to make strategic exits from unprofitable paper grades – or closing facilities altogether.

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