Fortress Global buying S2G Bio Chem to produce sweetener from pulp waste

Through the acquisition of S2G Bio Chem, Fortress CEO Chad Wasilenkoff plans to add a link in the value-added chain in the pump making business. | BIV archives


A Vancouver-headquartered pulp company plans to add a high-value link in the value-added chain through the acquisition of Vancouver's S2G BioChemicals Inc. – a move that will push the company into the biochemistry space.

Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSX:FGE) (formerly Fortress Paper Ltd.) recently announced the planned acquisition of S2G for $2.5 million, and plans open a new demonstration plant at its Fortress Specialty Cellulose mill in Quebec to produce xylitol – a sweetener used in chewing gum and candies.


Source: Business in Vancouver